Deepsea Shipping Solutions provides end-to-end services covering the entire supply chain to reduce time-to-market cycles in the automotive industry. With the automotive industry working to a 'Just-in-Time' production regime, reliable precision and no surprises are critical elements in our support for this industry. Automotive manufacturers seek innovative and efficient supply chain management solutions to reduce time-to-market cycles.

Deepsea Shipping Solutions provides just that with our end-to-end services covering the entire supply chain, from parts such as electronic components and accessories, to delivery of the finished vehicles to showrooms.

This includes buyers' consolidations through key hubs enabling customers to achieve further economies of scale, continuous receiving for airfreight and setting KPI's in place that also monitor and record supplier performance with availability for dispatch, container utilization and online visibility through track and trace.

Taking a holistic approach to the automotive sector is a key to the successes Deepsea Shipping Solutions and our customers have had. Information technology also plays a key role and Deepsea Shipping Solutions has developed an innovative order management system tailored to the automotive industry that begins at purchase order level.