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Air Freight

We offer to carry the smallest parcel to chartering a complete plane and delivery to any part in East and Central Africa, best price guaranteed …


We offer Outer Port Limits Operation, Barges, Vessel/ Boat Charter, Sea Survey, Habour/Quay Side operation, and Off-Shore Vessel assistance …


Deepsea Shipping Solutions attends to over 100 vessels annually, offer Ship husbandry, Chandler services, Vessel & Cargo Agency, and more …


Our team of skilled logistics professionals provides tailored warehouse and supply chain management solutions to customers worldwide …

About Us

Deepsea Shipping Solutions Limited is an independent Shipping and freight management company founded in 2010 by Senior Industry experts to take advantage of their years in Sea, Air and Transport industry in East and Central Africa.
We take pride in being able to offer tailor made Export/Import services to all worldwide destinations by Sea, Air, Road or Rail.

Our services are designed with a customer focus and are met with integrity and on-time delivery of various kinds of cargo.

  • Road Transport

    Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the best and most reliable equipment and machinery to employ to ensure your cargo is handled with utter most care and safety.

  • Rail Transport

    We have specialized heavy lifts, out of gauge or abnormal object movers, and well trained handlers to enable your smooth movement of all kind of cargo and also provide logistical solutions

  • Sea Transport

    We pride ourselves with a management team that has extensive years of working with numerous Shipping lines; handling various types of vessels, including sea freight operations, regulations, and documentation experience.

  • Air Transport

    For time or temperature sensitive cargo, Airfreight is the best means of transport, and time and efficiency are our hallmark modus operandi, to ensure cargo is delivered safe and on time.

Our Services

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Ship Agency

We offer a scalable service to owners and operators ranging…


We have a dedicated team of Logistics experts ready to offer…

Maritime Security

We provide a fully integrated and operationally flexible armed…

The Port of Mombasa

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Deepsea Shipping Solutions supports clients in the technology…
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It takes a special kind of operator to work offshore – and…
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Deepsea Shipping Solutions Defense Logistics provides worldwide…


Deepsea Shipping Solutions has the resources, the global reach…
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Health Care

Deepsea Shipping Solutions has what it takes to meet the stringent…
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Deepsea Shipping Solution suite of services covers the entire…
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Deepsea Shipping Solutions takes centre stage when it comes to…
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Deepsea Shipping Solutions assists dredging companies with shallow…
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As a cruise operator, wherever you go, Deepsea Shipping Solutions…


Deepsea shipping Solutions is able to provide a one-stop solution…


Deepsea Shipping Solutions provides end-to-end services covering…
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Dry Bulk

Dry bulk is business. Whether it's coal to China, wheat from…

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