Deepsea Shipping Solutions takes centre stage when it comes to managing entertainment events. We have a proven track record for fast and efficient turnaround for jet setting stars and their equipment on tour. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to bring live shows to audiences around the world. Though it might look like glitz and glamour, it takes precise planning and stamina to make it happen.

We have a strong niche position in the Middle East and Asia providing integrated logistics and air freight solutions for the entertainment industry. Our dedicated team under Deepsea Shipping Solutions Events Asia operates from our regional base in Singapore to meet the requirements of event organisers, promoters and managers. Logistics for the entertainment industry is a complex, fast-moving and dynamic business, but Deepsea Shipping Solutions has the resources to deal with any demands it may face.

Deepsea Shipping Solutions gets involved from the start of the planning phase, offering advice to tour promoters and production managers on the most cost-efficient mode to transport specialist equipment such as sound systems, lighting, staging, musical instruments and other stage props. Our dedicated team then follows on every leg of the tour to lead and supervise the process, involving customs clearance, delivery to sites, collection from sites and packing, all carried out within a strict time frame. Contingency planning is also provided.