Dry Bulk

Dry bulk is business. Whether it's coal to China, wheat from Wyoming or iron ore in India, dry bulk commodities keep the world's machinery running, the wheels of industry turning and people fed.

Deepsea Shipping Solutions is active in diverse dry bulk markets, providing unparalleled expertise and experience in delivering professional ship agency services at any location or port around the world. With over 50 years of experience in handling dry bulk commodities and vessels, we have a proven track record of serving large dry bulk players around the world.

We understand the unique demands of ship-owners, shippers, receivers, charterers and traders, and have the global reach and local know-how to deliver smooth and prompt turnaround of vessels, wherever your port of call may be. Our in-depth knowledge of all the critical stages of dry-bulk operations helps ensure that your vessels are loaded/discharged as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimizing costs and time spent in port.

We also offer effective disbursement account (D/A) management services on a global or regional scale. Our extensive hub agency experience enables us to reduce your administrative burden, thus enabling you to concentrate on your vessel and its operation.